A Fathers Love by Chuck Sturgeon

"Daddy always made a place for me"

I learned about my Heavenly Father’s Love for me as I grew up experiencing my Daddy’s Love. For instance, I will never forget the time we bought our very first new tractor. That new tractor had an electric starter on it. That was a very big deal. We didn’t have to hand crank our old tractor anymore.

I was just a little boy, and I remember being so proud as I rode in my Dad’s old “bobtail” truck with my Uncle, watching my Daddy drive a brand new Case Tractor away from that farm implement dealership. We followed Daddy the entire twenty-eight miles to the homeplace, and every time a car drove by, I wanted to roll the window down and holler, “That’s My Daddy! That’s our Brand new tractor!”

Daddy parked the new tractor inside the garage where the bobtail truck generally sat. Then he and my uncle walked around the tractor, kicking the tires and looking at the nice paint job and electric starter.

After a while, Mama hollered to them, “The coffee’s ready!” Well, I was just a little boy; I didn’t drink coffee, so I decided to stay and look at the new tractor.

As my uncle walked out of the garage, he said to my Daddy, “Bud better not leave Chuck out here alone, He’ll start that tractor.”

“Oh, he can’t start it,” Daddy said.

When I heard that, I thought, Well I’ll show Daddy I can!” I thought my Daddy would be pleased to find out I was smart enough to start the tractor all by myself.

I had watched how my Daddy and uncle pulled both the spark and the throttle back just so far, and I knew where the little starter button was that had to be pushed.

So I started up that tractor, and I tell you what – my Daddy stopped drinking his coffee real fast! He ran out to the garage, and he did not look very pleased.

Daddy explained to me the seriousness of my offense. “What if you had put the tractor in gear and run it through the garage door?” he asked. Then he spanked me because I had done something I wasn’t supposed to do.

After supper, Daddy went back out to the garage, and I didn’t see him again before I went to bed. To this day I can remember how terrible I felt as I lay in bed, thinking about what I had done with the tractor.

It always bothered me if I felt a strain between me and my Daddy. But this time I felt even worse because all the excitement of the day had left, and I had been disciplined for something I thought my Daddy would be proud of me for doing. I hadn’t recognized the danger involved.

The next morning I woke up thinking, Daddy is going to hook up that new tractor to the mower and start mowing our alfalfa, and now I won’t get to go. I had always gone with my Daddy before. He had fixed up a little seat on the fender of the old tractor, and I always sat there so I could be with him.

But after breakfast, Daddy said to me, “Come on, let’s go mow hay.” Unknown to me, my Daddy had stayed up almost all night, taking that little seat from the old tractor, and fastening it to the new tractor. He wasn’t about to take that tractor out and mow hay without his son! That’s what I mean when I say my Daddy always made a place for me.

Daddy and I did everything together, so the first day I started first grade was a terrible day for me (there wasn’t any kindergarten back then). I knew my Daddy was going to a livestock auction that day, and I couldn’t be there. I never enjoyed grade school, even though I made satisfactory grades, and the main reason I didn’t was that it separated me from my father.

But despite having to go to school I found out Daddy and I could still be close and enjoy doing things together. He always made sure he spent a lot of time with me.

Today I can walk for hours on the ranch where I grew up and recall one memory after another of good times spent with my earthly father. And while I’m out on our land, I like to spend time with my Heavenly Father as well. I like to climb one of the nearby hills where I can see for miles. I sit there for great lengths praying in tongues and worshiping God.


I have compassion for those who don’t have my kind of testimony about their earthly fathers. But once a person is washed by the Blood of Jesus and learns to go before the throne of God to receive help, then Father God will heal every hurt from his past. God wants to be “Abba Father” -Papa God- to every one of His children.


Our Father God always makes a place for you. He will make your Christian Home a place of safety, comfort, peace and refuge. He will make your family strong. He promises to perfect that which concerns you (Psm 138:8). Whatever is on your heart concerning your home and family, Papa God will take care of it.

So earthly father, spend time before your Heavenly Father, Hear from Him regarding the direction your family should be going and the needs of each family member. Learn how to know the needs of our wife and our children before they ever talk to you about them.


-Chuck Sturgeon