Our mission at CSM, Inc is comprised of five pieces:

  • To make known and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • To support the five-fold offices of the Ministry Gifts of the Lord Jesus Christ
  • To establish and maintain a missionary program
  • To coordinate resources of this ministry for the purpose of advancing the Ministry of Jesus Christ
  • To publish and distribute resources for the advancement of the Gospel


Chuck Sturgeon Ministries, INC was founded in 1971 by Chuck and Dea Sturgeon of Ames Oklahoma.  They founded the ministry to spread the Gospel of the Jesus Christ within the local church by supporting the five-fold ministry as seen in Ephesians 4:11.  Their vision was to establish and maintain a missionary program, coordinate and disperse resources for the advancement of the Gospel, and to publish and distribute literature to build the Body of Christ.  Over 40 years later, the Gospel has been ministered all around the world, including Canada, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Cuba, Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico, Nigeria and all over the United States.  Multiple books and resources have published and distributed in an effort spread the Gospel.