Take the Time

Life today is busy.  Between work, school, sports, dance, band, and other activities, it is amazing just to find time to eat dinner together at home.  In these times it is easy to become more focused on getting your child from point A to B then on your child.  Though we are so busy, statistics show that as parents, you will spend approximately 3000 unstructured quality time with your child throughout a year.  I know, I know, your sitting there saying “That must be a parent who only has 1 child which is not involved in anything outside of school, and on top of that, they don’t sleep”.  I regret to inform you though, your wrong.  This study was conducted of parents who had multiple children involved in multiple activities outside of school and they were also sleeping at least 8 hours a day.  I promise, I am not lying to you.  As you can assume, this time does not come all at once.  It may be 10 minutes here, 20 minutes there, or 1 minute somewhere.  The question is, how are you as a parent taking advantage of those small moments? Are you taking those moments to reinforce christian morals?  Are you using those moments to tell your children how much you love them just as Christ does?  Or are you just sitting idly by as you let the world speak into them?  

     My challenge to you is to take advantage of every moment you get with your child.  You will be amazed of the impact that can be had by taking the small moments and reinforcing biblical principles in their lives. I encourage you to download the “Parent Cue” app from the apple app store, android or google play store.  This app will give you ideas and things that you can do to take advantage of these moments while reinforcing what was taught to them on a Sunday morning in class.

Talk, Pray, Do

 As parents, our number one goal is to raise Godly children who will mature in the natural and in their walk as a christian.  This is not something that we can stumble and fumble our way through and hope that by the end, they might have picked up a couple things.  To effectively train up a child according to Proverbs 22:6, we must intentional invest into our children’s life and if you don’t, the world will be happy to invest into them for you. As a child grows up, they will begin to draw on the things that have been invested into them and if you have let the world do all the investing, you will quickly find yourself watching as your child begins to follow the things of this world as you pray for something to change.  Life is busy but being intentional with your child must be a priority and does not require as much time as you may think.  A simple way to be intentional in your child’s life is by “Talk, Pray, Do”.

     The first step in intentionally investing in your child is by spending 15 minutes with your child a day.  This is something that is to be done with nothing else around as a distraction.  No phone, No Tv, No computer, and No Food.  There is defiantly an importance of eating together as a family and talking during those meals but dedicating 15 minutes of your day just to your child, will mean the world to them.  Children understand that you are busy, so for them to see you stop everything and set time aside every day to talk with them will mean so much.  This is a great time to talk with your child about who God is.  This opens the door for your child to ask you questions and to further explore who God is.  This is also a great opportunity to help your child with some problems that they are going through.  Take them to the word and teach them that the bible has all the answers to the problems we face in life.  Learning to answer their worldly problems with the word will change their life.  This is also a great time to just love on your child and to show them God’s love and desire for us to serve him.  These are just a few examples of how to spend this time, but being intentional with this time each day will grow your relationship with your child and give your the perfect opportunity to train them.

     The next step is to pray with your child 3 times a week.  This should not be at a meal, at bed, or in the time of a need.  To often children believe that we just talk to God before bed, before meals or when we need something.  Taking the time to pray with them 3 time throughout the week will begin to show your child the importance of prayer in their life and that it is not just an avenue to get things from God.  This also will serve as an opportunity to teach your child how to pray.  An acronym that I like is T.R.U.S.T.

          T - Thank God

          R - Reveal God in my Life

          U - Use me to help others

          S - Strength to live as a christian

          T - Teach us how to live.

     The first thing you do is thank God for what he has done for you, what he is doing in your life, and for just being a loving caring God.  The next thing is to ask God to reveal things through his word.  As he begins to reveal things to you, the Word will begin to come alive and you will really develop a love for reading the word and not just as something we must do as christians.  The next is U for asking God to use you to help others.  The next is asking God for strength to make it through this difficult life and persecution as a christian.  Then finally asking God to teach you in every area of your life.  Showing your child the importance of prayer and teaching them how to pray will be a huge asset to them as they mature in Christ.  Prayer is powerful and is a must to successfully live as a christian.  This is a time for you to pray and for your child to pray.  Encourage them to pray out loud with you during this time and let them lead the prayer time as well.

     The final step of being intentional with your child is to do 1 family outing a month.  This is very important because your children need to know how to have fun.  This is a time to spend time together, build your relationships and to make memories as a family.  This is so important to your child’s development and will be a huge part.

     Each of these items are very simple and will make a huge impact on your child’s life and development as a christian in done intentionally.  Is this the secret to successfully raising Godly children who will never stray away for the word? No, but it does build a solid foundation in your child’s life that they will always have.  It is never to late to start intentionally investing in your child’s life.